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Q. How much does it cost to setup a league?
A. $67.99 per league. The payment must be made in full by opening day. We allow our potential customers to test drive the site before purchasing.

Q. How will other owners know to access the site?
A. After the commissioner sets up the site with the owner names and e-mail addresses, each owner can be sent an email invitation with the website address and instructions on how to join.

Q. Can each owner pay a portion of the league fee?
A. No. The entire $94 fee must be paid by the commissioner. The league commissioner may choose to collect league fees from other owners offline.

Q. Can I assign co-owners to teams in my league?
A. Yes. You may assign multiple co-owners to any team in your league on the team setup page. Co-owner names and email addresses are seperated by a comma. A shared password amongst the owners allows for multiple access.

Q. Can I send emails to owners in my league?
A. Yes, there is an option the site's main page to send an email to all.

Q. Can I post league news with images?
A. Yes, any owner in the league can post a league message to appear on the league home page. You will also be given the option to upload an image and enter a caption for the image to accompany the message.

Q. Can I customize my home page?
A. Yes. You can choose from one of many website designs. You can also customize color schemes, logos, commentaries and much more. We design the sites to be your sites.

Q. I have a keeper league, can I track keeper players and retain rosters season-to-season?
A. Yes. Our sites are up year round for offseason transactions and league updates.

Q. How do I change my e-mail address?
A. After you've logged into the site, just click on your team logo and then click EDIT TEAM INFO.

Q. Can teams in my league upload team logos?
A. Yes, each team has the option to upload an image to use as its team logo which will be displayed throughout the site. In addition, your league can upload a league logo to be displayed on the league home page.

Q. Will my league have its own message board?
A. Yes, each league will have access to its own private league message board.


Q. Can I assign teams in my league to different divisions?
A. Yes, in head-to-head leagues, you can choose up to 6 divisions.

Q. Can I set up an NL or AL Only league (for baseball)?
A. Yes, you may choose a player pool that consists of all players (AL/NL mixed), just National League players or just American League players.

Q. Can I give other owners access to the commissioner functions?
A. Yes. By using a shared password, you can enable a co-commissioner to have access to the COMMISH ADMIN screens.

Q. How many teams can my league have?
A. You may have a league size up to 32 teams (nascar and golf 75) with 4 different player pools (conferences).

Q. Do I have to enter every team owner before I finish the setup?
A. No, you can instruct your team owners to come to the site and customize and name their own teams.


Q. What scoring systems are available?
A. You may choose between Rotisserie (baseball only), total points or head-to-head scoring.

Q. What is a rotisserie league?
A. Rotisserie leagues rank each of the teams in the league from first to last in each statistical category you choose. Points are then awarded according to the order of finish in each category, and are totaled to determine an overall score and place. In a 12 team league, for example, the team with the most HR will receive 12 points, the team with the second most will receive 11 points, etc. In the case of a tie, each team involved receives an average of the total points due.

We have 3 types of rotisserie leagues -

ROTO H2H - Head to head play in which your categories are compared only to your opponents categories. The team with the most category wins is awarded the win.

ROTO H2H Each Category - This is the same as above but you are awarded a win or loss for EACH category that you win or lose.

ROTO TOTAL POINTS - The basic version as described in the first paragraph.

Q. What is a points-based league?
A. This is a league where a specific value is assigned to each stat a player earns. All of these stats are tabulated into fantasy points for each team. Those totals are used to determine leaders for each scoring period you choose or to determine a win or a loss in a head-to-head format.

Q. What scoring period options do I have?
A. You can choose between weekly or semi-weekly (two games a week - baseball only) periods that start on Monday and end on Sunday. A team can play double-headers or even more games per week.

Q. Can I have some of my league rules customized?
A. Yes. If your league rules dont exactly fit into our versatile scoring screens, just click the link on the scoring screen to email us your rules you would like customized.

Q. What are head-to-head leagues?
A. In a Head-to-Head league, your team will square off in a weekly match-up against another team in your league to see who can compile the best stats across the different statistical categories you choose. You decide what constitutes a "win" - either by most points, most categories or each category.


Q. I have a head-to-head league that schedules multiple match-ups each week. Can the online league manager allow for a team to play 2 teams in one scoring period?
A. Yes, a team can play as many head-to-head games as you can schedule. The only catch is it must be the same lineup for all matches.

Q. My league uses a head-to-head system. How will the league scheduled be determined?
A. You can customize your own schedule or use our automated scheduler to create your schedule.


Q. Can I include a disabled list for team rosters?
A. Yes, you can set the number of IR roster spots (EDIT LEAGUE INFO screen). Any player placed on a IR roster spot will not count towards that teams roster maximums and can be adjusted to not count against salary caps.

Q. During the season, will teams receive points if they field an invalid lineup?
A. The site will prohibit invalid lineups. Your input in listing the roster and starter maxs (on the EDIT LEAGUE INFO screen) will enable the site to stop oversized lineups.

Q. How many games does a player have to play to be eligible at a given position (baseball)?
A. During setup you choose the number of games from the previous season and/or the number of games from the current season a player needs to play at any position in order to be considered eligible at that position.

Q. Does the DH position include all players?
A. No. Only offensive players can be DH.

Q. Does the Utility player include all players?
A. The utility position is only offensive players.


Q. How often can teams in my league set lineups?
A. You can choose for lineup changes to go into effect daily (baseball) or at the start of every scoring period.

Q. What are waivers?
A. Typically, fantasy leagues use a waiver system to allow all members of a league a fair opportunity to add a player to their team. Players that are dropped from a roster of another team in your league can be placed on waivers. Any team may claim a player on waivers, but will not be awarded the player until the waiver period has ended. When the waiver period ends, the players are awarded to teams based on a worst to first setup (league standings). After a player "clears waivers" he becomes a free agent and can be picked up by any team.

Q. What choices do I have to award players on waivers/free agents?
A. You can choose to use a waiver priority list that does not reset or a priority list that resets each week based on standings OR you can set the transactions to become first come/first serve - meaning the team owner that chooses a player first gets the player.

Q. Can my league use a bidding system for free agents?
A. Yes. The online league manager will provide an automated way to track this type of free agent system. Each team will start out with a designated amount of money to bid on free agents during the season can bid on Free Agents with the top bid awarded that player. The commissioner of your league can set the total dollars each team starts the season with to bid on players. All bids during the season must be made in $1 increments and the minimum bid is $1 for all leagues.

Q. When do my waiver claims get processed and when can I use new players?
A. This is set by the commissioner. The site will allow for two automatic claim periods each week.


Q. What type of drafts are available?
A. During setup, the commissioner may choose from five different draft types - live online draft, extended online draft, automated online draft, auction draft, or an offline draft.

Q. What is a live draft?
A. The live draft option allows you to control every athlete that is placed on your roster. The draft will last as many rounds as you specify during setup (EDIT DRAFT ORDER). Draft order for the first round will be selected by the commissioner during setup. He can then either choose a repeating draft order for every round thereafer or a reversal draft order. The order in which team owners draft reverses in each successive round, so that the owner who drafts first in the first round, will draft last in the second round, and so on. The commissioner can then customize the draft to add or remove picks, trade picks, etc.

Q. Can the commissioner draft players for any team in the league during a live draft?
A. Yes, there will be an option for any owner with commissioner privileges to select a player for any other team during a live draft.

Q. What happens if an owner fails to show up for a live draft or misses a pick?
A. If an owner is not present for a live draft, the commissioner can set his team on COMPUTER PICK (on RANK PLAYERS screen) to have the computer pick his players based on his rankings, or if no rankings, by the site's default rankings.

Q. My league already exists and we keep players year-to-year. Can my league still use a live draft since each team already has players on their rosters?
A. Yes. The commissioner will have the ability to place players on team rosters prior to the draft. When the live draft begins, those players will already appear on the owner's rosters and will not be listed as available players for the draft.

More questions?
What is Net-Commish Online Commissioner?
Net-Commish online commissioner will run your league online with very little maintenance from you. You will still have the power to control the league, but also have the luxury having all the daily chores done for you. Net-Commish's customization features are second to none, allowing your league to get the most out of their fantasy experience.

What is the cost?
Pricing for the 2005 season is $67.99* per league You can order online direct from our website. So make sure you pay before the regular season starts to get the $67.99 price.

Are there any other fees besides the league cost?
No. This is all inclusive. With this you get realtime stats (football) or daily stat updates (all other sports). All transactions and results are done automatically at no extra cost.

What kind of computer/web browser do I need to use the Net-Commish site?
Any computer (Mac, Windows, Linux) with a Internet Explorer browser of 4.5 or higher or Netscape 6.0 or higher. Unfortunately, the older browsers will not work on some of the features of the site.

What do I get for my money?
- Customizable Scoring (including individual defensive players) to your league rules - Realtime league transactions
- Online Draft
- Full NFL league results/stats
- Customizable web page with logos, comments and more
- No stat downloads, the site is updated automatically
- Head-to-head or Total Points leagues
- Updated Injury reports and news feeds
- Integrated web messageboard
- Add your own links
- Print most reports without excessive banner color (save on excess ink)
- Optional email reports every week once results are posted

Not all our league members are on the internet
No worries. Many of the screens on the web site can be printed direct (without any banners taking up ink) and passed out to your league members.

Do you have an online drafting feature?
Net-Commish's online draft (WARROOM) is second to none. Each team owner has his own draft screen in which he can see the draft progress in realtime. If an owner can not be present, he/she can pre rank players and the computer will pick for them.
If you wish, the Draft does not have to be done online. It can be done at an earlier time and the commish can quickly (point and click) fill in the rosters for each team.

We have some real unique rules. Can Net-Commish online commisioner accomodate them?
Most likely yes. In the automated setup, we have some preformatted templates. But if your league does not fit in that mold, just send us an email with your customized scoring/league rules and we will customize the setup for you (no extra cost).

When do I have to sign up by?
While you can sign up at any time, we recommend that you register as early as possible. Since many people will wait until the last minute (the start of the football season is Thursday, September 6th, 2003), our resources are more accessible the earlier you order and set up your league.

How long is the Free Trial?
You can setup your league and webpages at anytime, but you must have your league paid for before the season starts for whichever sport you are running. If you do not have it paid for your pages will no longer function. There may be an early bird price that ends before this though.

Can I get a refund?
Net-Commish.com's refund policy is simple. If you are having problems with your website, and you give us a chance to correct it, and we can't, we will give you a full refund within 30 days of your payment day but no later than Week 2 of the regular season of the sport you are playing. We do not give refunds for leagues falling apart, the site doesn't do what you thought it should, etc. We give you plenty of time to setup your trial league and get comfortable with the software before you pay.

More questions?
Just drop us an email at questions@net-commish.com


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