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Net-Commish.com Survivor Pickem Leagues

Net-Commish.com Survivor Leagues are simple pickem style games, where you pick one NFL team each week to win. If you are correct, you go on, if you are wrong, you are out. The only catch is that after you pick a team to win, you can no longer pick that team. Last person alive is the winner. Survive all 17 weeks and win a prize *

You have two options:

1) Join a public league for free and compete against 24 others from around the country in a 25 person league.

2) Create your own private league, and invite up to 25 people to your league for only $9.99.

Net-Commish.com Survivor Pickem Games are for entertainment only.
*Prizes will be coupons for free commissioner service for the following year through net-commish.com. You must enter a valid email address and you must pick the correct winning teams for 17 weeks straight to win a prize.


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